REYDON is a beautiful property, built in 1922 by a family that came to Argentina from Reydon, Suffolk, England.

It was built in a British Colonial architectural style, that influenced much of the La Cumbre area in the early 1900’s.

The original building was solidly built in local stone and brick, with a distinctive red roof. The rooms have high ceilings and wooden floors.

An additional wing was added in the 1940’s.

The whole complex encloses its secret, hidden from passers by: A breathtaking view of the beautiful 4 acre garden, lawns and trees, and a Tuscan backdrop provided by the Sierras Chicas.

A friendly, family atmosphere.

The ideal place to get away from it all. It is “Slow life” at its best.

Superb weather, cool nights, and no bugs that fly and bite!

Nature at your fingertips, with blue skies by day, and starlit nights.

But just close enough to civilization, just in case you start to feel the withdrawal symptoms.

Live the experience of sleeping like a baby, once again.